Calling out to the witches and wizards all over the world! It is time for all the Potterheads form every part of the world to cheer and celebrate because the well-known and beloved Pandora is launching a Harry Potter-themed jewelry collection very soon. Pandora is known for its beautifully minimal pieces of jewelry, making them the perfect pieces for everyday outfits, and even for a fancy event. The brand recently collaborated with Disney and released Aladdin themed and The Lion King-themed jewelry collection, featuring some delicate pieces filled with memories of our favorite childhood movies, and also with Pixar for a Toy Story themed collection that us all to a trip down memory lane. The particularly iconic factor of these collections is that these all include a special piece that is slightly different from the rest of them, which headlines the collection.

Sadly for us, Harry Potter lovers, the collection in subject will not be launched until later, with the plans for the special, magical collection to grace the Pandora website and stores all over the world on the 28th of November this year. Yes, the wait seems a little too long and you all must be groaning in complain, but just trust us when we say this that the pieces in the collection would definitely be worth the wait. We don't know exactly know either, what will precisely be presented in the collection, but Pandora has revealed that it will contain 12 of their special designs finished by hand, which includes charms and pendants, and one eye-catching bracelet.

Stephen Fairchild, the chief creative and brand officer of Pandora, lets on a little bit of the brand's motive and inspiration behind this new collection, which is that the fans would be able to feel a sense of connection with the "friendship, love, and bravery" that encompasses the Harry Potter stories.

It's not that the Harry Potter fans have not had any Harry Potter-themed jewelry before, in fact, the series took all kinds of markets by storm, but one thing that is making us all anticipated and desperately look forward to this particular is Pandora's unique ideas of design. The best thing about their jewelry that is common among lovers of Pandora is that the jewelry is intricate in an unmatched kind of classy way while being suitable for casual and fancy wear at once.

So what are your guesses for what the collection would be giving us? Maybe a wand pendant? Or a feather quill charm? Spellbook pendant? The Golden Snitch charm? And of course, the bold symbol of The Deathly Hallows can't be forgotten, we are placing our bets on that. So hold your breaths, and as difficult and as agonizing it might be, try and wait patiently till November 28th. Maybe you can even find some awesome gifts in the collection for your Potterhead friends! Until we're finally able to get our hands on the collection, Accio Patience!

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