PANDORA is one of the most popular jewelry brands today. Every year, the company releases a limited edition charms line-up for their collection. This summer is no different, with the company launching its Jungle Jewelry collection up for grabs. Inspired by travel and the wild call of the jungle, the charms in this collection will certainly be a wonderful addition to your arm candy.
These exclusive summer pieces normally come with a hefty price tag, making you think twice about purchasing another charm. However, with a Pandora charms online sale, you can get your hands on this special roster for a fraction of the price. Ready to take the plunge? Here’s everything you need to know about PANDORA charms this summer.

The 2019 Summer Collection is Inspired by Travel.

If you look closely, the travel-themed summer 2019 collection from the brand appears largely inspired by the jungle. One can even say that the pieces of jewelry are heavily inspired by the jungle, either ala Lion King or the Black Panther.
Perfect for fierce, wild, and brave women, the assortment of charms include an elephant, monkey, rhinoceros, and a lion princess. It also includes a hot air balloon, a propeller plane, a cute pink travel bag charm, a spinning globe dangle charm, and many more.
This set is suited for individuals who aim to satisfy their craving for thrill and adventure, with each trinket serving a wonderful reminder of your exhilarating adventure this summer.

These Charms are Made from High-Quality Stones and Materials.

PANDORA takes pride in giving customers premium ornaments designed for a luxe feel and finish. For this summer collection, the materials used exude a mix of sterling silver, enamel details, and 14K rose gold finishes adorned with cubic zirconia stones.
Some of the spacers and charms from this collection are also made from 18K gold-plated silver, allowing the wearer to exude a sense of lavishness and extravagance. Bright hues of teal and blue, as well as earthy tones of rose gold and reds, are thrown in for a much-needed pop of color.

Take Note of Hallmarks

You can get these ornaments at a more affordable price at a cheap Pandora jewelry outlet online sale. However, to certify that the meals and materials used are genuine, you must take note of the following details:
•    Sterling silver jewelry must be marked with a letter ‘S’ that represents silver. This should also be followed with the purity stamp on the type of metal, which typically comes with a 925 number.
•    For gold jewelry, this must be labelled with a capital ‘G.’ 14K gold will be marked with ‘G585’, while 18K gold jewellery must be stamped with ‘G750.’
•    Rose gold jewelry will be stamped with a capital ‘R’ inside.
If you want to get your hands on the latest release, you can find a wide range of genuine items at a reliable Pandora jewelry sale store. Whether you are looking for a new charm for yourself or for your loved one, you’ll certainly find something that catches your heart without going overboard.

PS: After summer sale, we start to expect the debut of autumn and winter, check this post which we wrote in 2018 for a review: Pandora has just launched big winter sale.

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