Those of you who have been following the jewelry brand Pandora will know all about the spring collection. They have shown us tons of cute little charms for a nice price. One of the charms that really stood out was the Pandora Bella Bot charm. Her cute little figure had us all wrapped around her finger.

Bella Bot is an adorable pendant with a big heart, literally. To top it all off, she has the cutest bow tie in her hair which makes her look more welcoming instead of a cold, masculine robot. Her design is a bit bigger than we usually expect from Pandora. Aside from being a large pendant, she also has arms and legs which have the ability to move. Not only do her legs and arms move, her head is also able to lightly move from left to right. All in all, she's the cutest bot charm we could have ever imagined.

What if I told you that there's now a limited edition Floral Bella Bot available? The Bella Bot we've all come to know and love has been refurbished with an awesome floral crown on her head and cute little wings to match.

If you thought the original Bella Bot was still a little too masculine for your taste, this limited edition Floral Bella Bot will definitely change your mind! She still has the robust figure she had before. Her eyes and big heart are still as cute as ever. The arms and legs we've had so much fun moving can still be moved. One thing we are missing though, is the cute little bow tie in her hair. Not to worry though, this bow tie has been replaced by an even cuter floral crown. Where the bow tie made her look cute but still a little masculine, the floral crown now makes her look like the prettiest female robot we've ever seen. Along with the floral crown she now has beautiful wings making her resemble a pixie fairy.

Now as we've said before, she is still robust. So how would you wear her? One of the most impressing ways to wear her would be on a necklace. She is quite large so she immediately catches the attention she demands. Because she has movable arms, legs and even a head which tilts slightly, you can't help but find yourself fidgeting with her which will draw the attention of others to your charm.

You could also wear her around your bracelet. You might not immediately think about it seen as she's bigger than other charms, but the fact that she's bigger is actually nice. It's a limited edition so you want it to stand out among the rest. You want people to pay attention to it. Pity to tell that PANDORA Reflexions collection doesn’t have this charm design so far.

If you already have a Bella Bot charm, imagine how awesome it would look if you gave her a floral sister! There are more than enough ways you can add her to your collection, dare to be proud.

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